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UK Tax for Small Crafting Business Series - Index

This blog, like all others, only shows articles on a 'date first' basis, which I'm finding difficult to navigate when I want to go back and reread something, and it's my blog!  So here's an index of articles in numerical order with links (click on the article number) and the name of the featured seller in brackets.  Alternatively you can choose TSCB - all from the Labels section, which will give you all the tax related articles in reverse order.  At the bottom is a list of  tax related articles that aren't part of the main series but I think are of continuing interest.

UK Tax for Small Crafting Businesses Series:

TSCB 1: When will HMRC be interested in me? (TootHillMedley prototypes - Lois) and supplement on casual earnings here. Updated - May 2012 to include the new rules on registration deadlines & penalties.

TSCB 2: What's my year end and which tax year? (TootHillMedley products - Lois)

TSCB 3: Tax Planning with year ends (Imynda)

TSCB 4: Claiming expenses: the basics (NiftyKnits - Heather)

TSCB 5: When & how to claim expenses (SoapDragon - Amanda)

TSCB 6: Expenses: Stock, Work in progress & Appropriations (PoppySparkles - Viv)

TSCB 7: Those rules apply to me? How? Summary & examples part 1 (BrightStar109 - Claire)

TSCB 8: Difference between stock expense & other expenses (KatieDidOnline - Katie)

TSCB 9: How to value stock (and how not to) (KnittedLove)

TSCB 10: Those rules apply to me? How? Summary & examples (stock/ cost of sales) part 2 (ElliesTreasures)

TSCB 11: Dealing with complicated stock situations Part 1 (CLScraftcreations - Chiara)

TSCB 12: Dealing with complicated stock situations Part 2 (xxx -x) (only a holding post at the moment.  Will load it one day...)

TSCB 13: The new Cash Accounting Rules 1 - Background (TootHillMedley)

TSCB14: new Cash Accounting Rules 2 - Budget Day changes (BigBlueBed - Alix)

Other tax related articles (that didn't quite fit into the planned series):
a.  Free courses from HMRC here
b.  Subjects that have been discussed on the Etsy Forums UK Taxes Burning Issues thread here (to 25/1/11)
c.  Supplement to TSCB 1 - Casual Earnings as an alternative to Hobby or full Self Employment here
d.  Amendment to TSCB 1 - New rules on deadlines for registration here
e. Tax Amnesty for online businesses here (closes 14/6/12)
f. Stock Expenses under Accruals Basis - worked example to download here

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