Saturday, 15 January 2011

Did you know HMRC run free workshops on UK tax issues?

Well they do!

For the self-employed, for employers and for companies.  Have a look at this link to see what's on offer and from whom in your area:

There's also a link in that section of HMRC website to Business Link who do other courses that might be useful.

These are a new range of cards I've been developing - on sale at soon.  Well as soon as I've found the missing bit of my tripod so I can take the pictures...

For those who are wondering what's happened to the TSCB series - I'm doing further research on the Stock Valuation issues to make a more rounded & helpful article - it'll be split into 2 or 3 blog posts: but it needs a bit more thought before I publish it.

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Anonymous said...

As a former employee in a Business Support Team (BST) at the HMRC office in Exter I can honestly say that these workshops are a worth while thing and good time spent, especially as it a free service.

Claire x