Tuesday, 25 January 2011

TSCB Series: Why's it so sporadic? Where's the next one?

I know I said Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and it hasn't been.

That's because people ask me questions in other places and I spend time answering those.  For example on the Burning Tax Issues thread on the Etsy forum here, there's been questions/answers on:
  • can you claim national insurance payments as an expense for income tax? (No)
  • how to convert foreign currencies into sterling to get your tax numbers all in the same currency
  • how non-UK born & bred people are taxed in the UK
  • what to do about losses
  • what to do if your registration for online filing isn't complete by the 31 January deadline (eek!)
  • whether sales to other countries mean you've got to complete the Foreign Pages? (Not usually).
  • claiming expenses for 'use of home as office'
  • how to deal with a capital expense (capital allowances/ Annual Investment Allowance)
  • how NIC and your personal allowances for income tax are affected if you are both an employee and self employed
  • how to deal with stock control for an huge stash of stuff acquired before you even thought of starting trading.
They aren't full answers, they're mostly a bit of explanation with appropriate links to HMRC website.  But go & have a look if it's something that interests you, as whilst all those things will eventually become full blog articles, it won't be for a while!

I'm hoping the next one will come out today, and that the rest of the week will be in the proper pattern.  But don't bank on it!

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brightstar109 said...

Thanks for these posts, I read them all and although there often isn't much I can say in response, they are really helpful and actually quite interesting when you are dealing with this stuff.