Saturday, 8 January 2011

TSCB tax articles - frequency

I've heard it said that blog readers are a happier bunch if you are regular with your posts.  So they know when to expect them.  Makes sense to me.

So, in theory I'll be aiming at an article every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - you lucky readers get the weekends off! 

In practice one or two every so often might be a day or so late, because it takes quite a lot of research to work out what needs writing about, and a lot of effort to try and apply the technical stuff to reasonably sensible crafty scenarios & then into something readable for my target market - who are pretty much interested in it only because tax is a necessary & evil part of their lives.

Featured Seller: Me.  Lois, Goblinf, Toot - This is a prototype that's been suffering a lot of hard use for about 6 months - a few tweaks here & there and it'll be good enough to put on sale - new product coming to my etsy shop soon in some pretty gorgeous fabrics.

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Dotty said...

Thanks. Your articles are really useful and I think the proposed frequency will be manageable to keep up with (lots of work for you tho'!)