Monday, 3 January 2011

Getting the TSCB series out there...

The idea for the Tax for Small Craft Businesses came about because I could see on the Etsy handmade marketplace that there's quite a lot of provision for American sellers, but not really for the UK sellers that was easily accessible.  So I started a thread on UK tax issues on Etsy here, but it doesn't give you much space and it's not a topic that naturally generates conversations, so I thought the series would be good on my blog.
Now I'm thinking, my blog's quite new, my Twitter's got very few followers, and there's more than one handmade market place. Also, to be brutal tax is quite boring and complicated and the posts need a few pictures to give one's eyes a rest. So I'm combining the two issues, and posting onto several handmade marketplaces asking for sellers who want to have a couple of their pics in blog posts with links to their shops, which will raise awareness of the series and also hopefully get me some pics.
I'm thinking any handmade marketplace that has UK sellers, so Folksy, Dawanda, ArtFire, Zibbet (although one of those might be geo-restricted) anyway, it's got to be worth a try.  Of course it won't get me any sales personally, but that's not what I'm after specifically right now, I'm more interested in helping people get their tax right!

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