Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wonder Wednesday - Beetroot Grill & Cafe Morpeth

This is the second in a new series highlighting places & things to do I've found in my new home Northumberland. 

Having picked this topic for this week, I had grand plans for going to Beetroot and having dinner to make this a more rounded review, but then the snow came.  And kept coming.  So no chance!  But come the snow melt....

Beetroot opened this month, I can't honestly say I've spent much time in Morpeth so I don't know what else is out there, and now I've found a place I like, I probably won't go looking either.  Why so keen? Let's see, the staff were friendly and helpful, the decor is modern (none of your frilly tablecloths here), and in similar colours as their logo.  It felt a bit like being back in London: I must be more homesick than I thought!

The food?  It's sourced locally, came on time, was hot and very tasty but above all - there were NINE genuine vegetarian options available as well as a great selection for the rest of us.  Two soups, hot & cold sandwiches and a salad amongst others.  Me, I eat meat, but my family: they don't, and they're not keen on spicy food or rice.  Which makes going out to eat a bit painful for them with the usual lack of choice and optimistic pricing, oh and frequently poor cooking too.

What did we eat? Sausage butties.  Local pork for me, and vegetarian for mum.  Two sausages each between fresh slabs of granary bread, with two different sauces - Beetroot make their own ketchup and very nice it is too.  What's so exciting about that? Well, my mum as a vegetarian of many decades' standing can't remember ever being offered genuinely tasty vegetarian sausages presented as though it's normal food at a decent price (anyone who doesn't spend much time with vegetarians might be a bit bewildered by that last sentance, the rest of us know better!) nor has she had such a range of choices from somewhere that isn't specifically a vegetarian eaterie.

And drink? With our hot chocolate and decaff coffee (yes they got that right first time too which often doesn't happen) was a small chunk of very tasty chocolate and beetroot brownie.  Yes, ok, I might have been a bit more tentative if I'd known about the beetroot before I'd scoffed it.  Mum wasn't so keen on the brownie but I noticed she didn't leave any of it behind...  I bought extra to take home (you get a discount on takeaway).

What else?  The serving area looked clean with food properly covered, the staff were cleaning not just wiping tables between patrons, and the tables aren't too close together.  The toilets are up some pretty steep stairs with ancient vinyl flooring, but were clean too.  They weren't overly busy, but it was 3-ish by the time we got around to eating lunch, and I got the feeling they knew what they were doing and would cope with busier times.

Where are they? On the main street in Morpeth in the bottom half not far from Rutherfords independent department store at one end and the Chantry gift & craft shop at the other.  Parking is easy behind the Arcade with a useful cut through behind Lidl.

Will I go back? Definately, by myself for a quick lunch or with the family for lunch or dinner.  Strangely their Christmas menu only has a single vegetarian choice for starter & main course (both involving goats cheese which seems a little odd) but looked tasty; so it's probably one more for lunch for the vegetarians.
42 Bridge Street Morpeth

PS I've got no links with any of the businesses/ places featured in my Wonder Wednesdays, I just want to share what I've found!

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