Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Toot Hill Medley is open for business!

It took a while but I'm finally there!  The first Christmas Card series is up for sale on Etsy, and I'm planning to list a new product every day for the next few weeks.  First it's paper goods & cards, then it will be textiles/cloth based products, then mixed media followed finally by genuine One Of A Kind items made from raw materials processed by me (which is why they're One of a Kind - unrepeatable on so many levels).

This series of Christmas Cards are available singly online from my Etsy shop http://www.toothillmedley.etsy.com/ and also in the High Street from Coccuveda Gifts & Crafts in Rothbury Northumberland.

These cards are genuinely limited edition - they're made from a co-ordinated commercial paper line from a company that no longer exists - there were only enough materials to make 16 Star, Trees and Baubles cards, 12 Snowman cards and 4 Mittens cards and I have no idea where I could obtain a repeat supply (so let's hope they're not too popular!).

Tomorrow's listings will be an even more limited edition of cards featuring Gingerbread Men, Buttons and Tarten motifs (a fitting theme now I'm living so close to Scotland), there's only 3 styles and 12 cards of each.  Once they're gone they're gone...  Followed by a stunningly simple black & white seasonal card, again only available in a small multiple of 16.  After that, we're down to the one-off cards that I may or may not be able to repeat in future.  This first set of listings all use commercially available supplies, in due course I'll be making more of, and listing, my cards made with self-decorated materials.

Another new feature on the Blog (over and above me actually posting on it!) will be Wonder Wednesdays.  Having newly moved to Northumberland I'm having a great time finding local attractions and businesses that I'd like to share - this week it's the amazing night-time electrical light show around the National Trust estate of Cragside, next week will be a marvellous newly opened cafe mum & I stumbled upon in Morpeth this week, the Beetroot Grill & Cafe.   I'm becoming increasingly interested in sustainably and locally sourced everything for my life, and Wonder Wednesdays tie into this burgeoning obsession.

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