Sunday, 28 November 2010

Red & Green Hand Flocked 'Peace on Earth' Series

This is a very limited run of 3 different cards - two have 'Peace on Earth' flocked onto them with red woodchip flock, the third has four flocked trees on the front and 'Peace on Earth' flocked on the inside in green woodchip flock.  There's only 4 each of the flocked sentiment 'Peace on Earth' flourishes and trees, and 2 of the flocked trees with 'Peace on Earth' inside.  These are available online from

I do have more paper and more flock, but won't be making any more this year, partly because it's so time- and space- consuming as the flock requires several layers and then time and table space to dry, but also because the raw materials are still in storage at the other end of the country!

They're not the easiest to photograph, particularly in the rapidly changing light conditions we have at present with the random snow/ hail showers passing through the valley, and I don't think I've done them justice.   When time (and light conditions) permit, I'll be rephotographing them, the darker green flourishes card in particular is tricky to catch effectively.

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